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Mama’s stomach as a full board – how do I eat properly during pregnancy

Mama's stomach
Mama's stomach

As expectant mom you offer your baby a full board hotel during pregnancy. This means that you are solely responsible for your well-being and the supply of nutrients needed for healthy development.

Take time for sensible and balanced meals. You should rather not to large quantities at once to take you, but distribute several small portions throughout the day. A full stomach could possibly evoke nausea, and the fat stomach literally pushes up the stomach contents – heartburn and regurgitation are inevitable.

A healthy diet includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, milk and dairy products, and every now and then a good chunk of meat, fish and once or twice a week an egg. With it you supply yourself and your little one with almost all important nutrients.

As drinks mineral water, juice spritzers, fruit and herbal teas are ideal. On about 2 liters you should bring it daily. You can drink coffee and black tea in moderation (not more than 2-3 cups a day).

These micronutrients are especially important

Despite the healthiest diet, the supply of the sensitive B-vitamin folic acid and the mineral iodine remains difficult. Both very important micronutrients for the development of your child! You should therefore supplement them before pregnancy.

Vitamin B12, the helper vitamin of folic acid, is found only in animal foods and should be consumed as an adjunct, especially if little meat is consumed.

And both micronutrients are of the utmost importance to the development of your child.

Mama's stomach

Tips for the diet

Here’s how to protect yourself from toxoplasmosis and listeriosis:

  • Keep your hands off ready-made sandwiches, sandwiches & Co.
  • Meat, poultry, fish and seafood should always be well cooked.
  • Fresh salads and raw fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed without hesitation if you wash everything thoroughly with cold water and peel it if necessary.
  • Do not grasp ready-to-cook salads in the bag.
  • From packaged food is generally not recommended, cut cheese, sausage and ham rather fresh on.

Foods that you should refrain from:

  • Raw milk products (indicated on the package)
  • Soft cheese like camembert or mozzarella, ready-made grated cheese
  • Raw and uncooked meat (Bündnerfleisch, Carpaccio, Hackepeter, Tartar)
  • Raw fish and raw seafood (sushi, fish carpaccio, sashimi, oysters)
  • Doughs with raw eggs (Tiramisu, Mousse au Chocolat, Zabaione)
  • Soft ice cream

Drinks that you should refrain from

  • Alcohol!
  • High-energy soft drinks (like Coca Cola, Red Bull)
  • Quinine-containing beverages (tonic water)
  • Juices or smoothies from juice stalls

Food Pyramid for pregnancy

The food pyramid, specially tailored for pregnant women, gives you peace of mind when putting together your diet. In addition, it contains many tips for Dos and Don’t both for food and drinks.

Here you can download them – just print them, pinned to the fridge, ready!


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