Mama’s stomach as a full board – how do I eat properly during pregnancy

Mama's stomach

As expectant mom you offer your baby a full board hotel during pregnancy. This means that you are solely responsible for your well-being and the supply of nutrients needed for healthy development. Take time for sensible and balanced meals. You should rather not to large quantities at once to take you, but distribute several small portions throughout the day....

3 Extraordinary Tours For Your Vacation in 2019

Extraordinary Tours

Round trips are always very special trips. You do not just get to know a single place or a city, but a whole country or a whole area. How the people live there, the culture, the landscape. But the nicest thing about round trips is that you can be spontaneous during the trip, change the route or...

Boomer – A well-deserved swatter


Advertising without an order - OK Boomer? A title that we would like to associate with the cute stray dog ​​of an American television program from 1980 wades us off. Because cute this term is certainly not meant and I think, absolutely right. Boomers! - A stop sign! Whether we like it or not,...

Tone in tone is monochrome!


Today it's all about the fashionable monochrome look. I still remember when you said "tone-on-tone" - I still do it today. A monochrome look always has an advantageous effect, as it optimizes the figure at first glance. What does monochrome mean? The name comes from the Greek. Monochrome means monochrome, no matter which color...

Embroidering The Traditions Of A Country

Colombian Traditions

The history of knitting in Colombia. The music plays a big role in the Colombian culture. Folklore still plays an important role in fashion. Dedicated to the craftsmanship of artisans who consider Colombian fashion as a continuation of the history of the ancient inhabitants. Interestingly enough, the designers are looking for sources of inspiration...

The Roses Garden

rosess garden

There is a strong influence between the culture and the fashion and this is the trend one experiences today. Flowers, pearls and the knitting, everything is allowed, but if you carry these ideas with stories, there is a special effect in us. Handmade, numerous details Handmade by the Artisans from Colombia is the new trend in the Latin-Americans model world. For example,...

The Relaxed Transition to the Porridge


The Porridge Premiere As the baby's iron supplies run short after the sixth month, the first porridge was to be the Vegetable Meat Porridge, for lunch. Only then follows the evening porridge (milk cereal porridge) and last of the cereal-fruit porridge in the afternoon. For the introduction of each porridge you should give the baby about four weeks to...

Supplements For Babies

The introduction of complementary foods poses a challenge for many parents: when was the right time for the first meal of bread? How much porridge does my baby need? And which foods are suitable at all? We inform you extensively on the subject of complementary food and give you delicious porridge recipes to cook your own. Supplementary diet -...

Gift Ideas For World Bumblers

gift ideas

A few years ago, I presented you with a list of creative gift ideas. Now I have researched again with Norah, updated the old list and we show you our favorite gifts for globetrotters - for every occasion and for the upcoming Christmas. Let's start with a matter of the heart, the books from our own travel label:

Development of the Baby in the First Three Months of Life


A baby is born. For the parents now begins a new stage of life, which brings a lot of joy and at the same time is associated with many efforts. Especially with the first child many parents are very unsure if they are doing everything right and if their child is developing normally. An important clue to the healthy growth and prosperity...