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Tone in tone is monochrome!


Today it’s all about the fashionable monochrome look. I still remember when you said “tone-on-tone” – I still do it today. A monochrome look always has an advantageous effect, as it optimizes the figure at first glance.

What does monochrome mean?

The name comes from the Greek. Monochrome means monochrome, no matter which color family it is. Within the color family, a monochrome look consists of different color gradations. So, if a lady can not decide what to wear, she should just decide on a look in a color direction. This is a great way to look great with blues.


Monochrome looks work with any color

The “all-black look” is one of the most popular looks when it comes to an outfit in just one color. However, colors invigorate our lives. Whether in red, nude, gray or green – tone-on-tone is announced. Already more often I have shown myself in different tone-in-tone combinations. I am happy to show you my recently introduced look – just click WOLLWEISS.

I decided today for royal blue. My royal look was created by chance. The royal blue blazer is often combined to black or white. Since I’ve run the petty slip trousers on the way and immediately I thought of the Blazer, which completes the look. Personally, I would have been a royal blue sweater too much color. I opted for the black version, since black also appears in the small check of the pants.

Start your first monochrome look in blue

If you want to try a monochrome outfit for the first time, I recommend to start with blue shades. Blue is the color that is loved by most people. For example, you can put on a denim look with different blue jackets, shirts, cardigans or blazers. Different materials make the tone-on-tone look varied and interesting.

6 reasons why I will wear monochrome looks

  • In a jiffy, a matching outfit is put together.
  • A monochrome look looks classy and exudes style awareness.
  • Different materials make the outfit interesting.
  • The play with slight color shades gives the whole the personal touch.
  • With a tone-on-tone look, the proportions look balanced.
  • Black is always beautiful – especially in the approaching time of festivals and festivities.


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