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There is a strong influence between the culture and the fashion and this is the trend one experiences today. Flowers, pearls and the knitting, everything is allowed, but if you carry these ideas with stories, there is a special effect in us. Handmade, numerous details Handmade by the Artisans from Colombia is the new trend in the Latin-Americans model world. For example, we have experienced a season in the cooperation between Carolina Herrera and a famous design ring from Colombia, which works very closely with the Artisans.

The art of making accessories is very special because the ancient techniques of the Indians are awakened and used. An important role is played by the natural resources that speak of sustainability. Throughout these features, these types of accessories have a special character that differentiates and elevates a look differently.

Feeling The Colombian Fashion

The level of accessories on the Colombian fashion level gives us the feeling. That this fashion revolution brings a new perspective for the fashion business and that opens the door to a new opportunity for the economic situation that at least tries to surrender in Germany seen at Berlin Fashion Week, when some new designers try to work the eco-fashion theme without starting a career as designers. But like a university lecturer in Barcelona, a lecturer, we are all designers, we can create in which we ourselves can be beautiful every day.

roses garden

In this way, today I introduce a woman and her brand, who actually wants to make their way new, and through the design of accessories, launches a new business idea, where with the help of and the use of handiwork and materials, they create beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets can create.

As I have already said, today I am not introducing trends, but a new style of accessories, where the traditions of manual labor, the sustainable raw materials in production, discourages individuality and style far from mainstream.


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