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Gift Ideas For World Bumblers

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A few years ago, I presented you with a list of creative gift ideas. Now I have researched again with Norah, updated the old list and we show you our favorite gifts for globetrotters – for every occasion and for the upcoming Christmas.

Let’s start with a matter of the heart, the books from our own travel label:

Our travel guide accompanies you to the Thai island world – like a good friend who shows you his favorite places.

Only selected places that have a special charm. Important information that is relevant in everyday travel. Stories that fuel dreams. Find your personal island paradise!

In addition to the island portraits, the book offers information on travel options, budget, travel time and culture – clearly arranged and field-tested. Important topics such as a street food guide, tips for sustainable travel and being on the go with babies and small children are treated in a special way and help to discover the island world carefree.

Small stuff – to smile:

To go crib for travelers

For Globetrotter with heart. The purchase supports local projects in Bolivia. The handmade small cribs fit perfectly in every hand luggage.

Nice & useful

Maxwell Scott Bags

Fantastic, high-quality leather travel bags that last a lifetime – they should also be priced;)

My LilianaL accompanies me on every weekend trip, but I would not say no to Fabrizio and FleroL. The men’s luggage is also very stylish.

Kids Clothes by Jimmi Wow

You have bought a garment on holiday again, which is totally cool, but at home it is not really wearable ?! Marcella from Jimmi Wow makes something new out of your old clothes for the little ones.

I recently had my cardigan re-stitched for the mini-world loafer and am thrilled with the result.

Pestemal, the Turkish Bath Towel

The hand-woven, Turkish hammam towel is traditionally used during a bathhouse visit, but can also be used as beach, hand or tablecloth, as a picnic blanket or as a pareo. It is made of 100% Turkish cotton, is lightweight and takes up little space in the suitcase.

Afghan Hands

Beautifully hand-embroidered shawls and scarves. Afghan Hands trains Afghan widows in Kabul to give women an independent income through their craftwork. The entire collection is handmade from local fabrics.

Books, films and posters

111 reasons to travel around the world

My book! Available since June 2016. A journey through the most beautiful places in the world, unique curiosities, insider tips and why mishaps make traveling a unique experience await you. Of course available through Amazon or the bookstore of your confidence.

Design Sponge

The book on the wonderful design blog www.designsponge.com with inspirations, DIY instructions and especially practical, also with prices.

travel hunger

Earlier this year, Nicole Stich released a cookbook dedicated to the best recipes between the US and Singapore. Urgent recommendation!

101 things a globetrotter needs to know

Aylin and Stefan, who write the wonderful blog “Today We Travel”, have also published a book: 101 Things a Globetrotter Must Know. Behind it are great tips and nice anecdotes and thoughts about traveling with depth. Unconditional buy recommendation!


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