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Embroidering The Traditions Of A Country

Colombian Traditions

The history of knitting in Colombia.

The music plays a big role in the Colombian culture. Folklore still plays an important role in fashion. Dedicated to the craftsmanship of artisans who consider Colombian fashion as a continuation of the history of the ancient inhabitants. Interestingly enough, the designers are looking for sources of inspiration in the roots of the villages that specialize in craftsmanship when the Spaniards discovered our land. Many of these handicraft traditions are still practiced today by the established family businesses that continued to work on this art many years ago.

The technology is handed down from generation to generation and it can be argued that behind the door of each house is a studio with a mother, daughter and grandma working on the embroidery. The art of handicrafts is valued very well in Colombia and the prices are not necessarily cheap. If you follow Miguel Becerra, a young designer from Colombia, it takes almost two months to do the manual work until you have made the last stitch on the piece.

Colombian Traditions

Two years ago, Miguel Becerra launched a research into the depths of Colombian traditions. His idea started as a discovery of a country that means more than salsa or party. For him, the country was the greatest source of inspiration, if we only speak of the nature of Colombia. There are nearly 3500 species of butterflies in Colombia and not only that. The landscapes, the different climate zones and the colors enchanted him and, in addition, the joy of the women and their way of laughing, the love for the colors was more than enough for the designer Reason to enter the low of the Colombian textiles history. In this way, Miguel Becerra started collaborating with an embroidery organization called “Los Bordados De Cartago”. Cartago is two hours away from Cali and serves the entire Colombian industry.

The traditions of embroidery in Cartago meanwhile have specialized with the passage of the years and of course the textiles are perfected with the technology as you can see in the pictures. For the designer from Colombia, the use of collaborations with the artisans raises the fashion to another level that can almost be compared to haute couture, because of the difficulty of sewing technology and the history of tradition. As I said, which was brought to the continent with the Spaniards.

Almost all of these techniques and species were brought by the Catholic Church and trained in the population. One can not forget that at that time all textiles and fashion from Spain were brought so that the viceroys and his entourage could put on the finest robes. At that time the status was defined by the clothes as in the times of the French monarchy. In this way, one could recognize and analyze society in Colombian history. Because fashion is used as research of society.

World of Haute Couture

Earlier this year, we interviewed two designers who work today in the world of haute couture, two Colombians who are very knowledgeable about Cartago handiwork and who agree that the art of Cartago embroidery is the highest and most difficult way to sew This is why both designers value the work done on the ground and for the Colombians it means a treasure that needs further support, through cooperation with the designer world.

The result of this work, which is presented today as a collaboration, we show through the collection rainbow by Miguel Becerra and the handwork of the artisans from Cartago and the company Brixio. The mix of colors, traditions and craftsmanship we can see today through the following catwalk, which was presented in October at the Cali Exposhow. The Cali Exposhow was the place where Roberto Cavalli, Alberta Ferreti, Moschino and Oscar De La Renta presented their collections on the catwalk in Colombia and today they make a place for their own traditions through the design of the Cartago artisans.

The history of a vigorous fashion industry has a lot to offer, and traditions will also help other cultures conquer the fashion world, where the market is hungry for news. So we also see that by working together on traditions and the stories of a country, design has a lot of future, as people realize exactly what quality is and what is behind the history of a collection. With these views, we will understand more of fashion and recognize it as art that has its price.


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