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Boomer – A well-deserved swatter


Advertising without an order – OK Boomer? A title that we would like to associate with the cute stray dog ​​of an American television program from 1980 wades us off. Because cute this term is certainly not meant and I think, absolutely right.

Boomers! – A stop sign!

Whether we like it or not, with the Boomer generation we are primarily meant. Yes, we, the born between 1946 and 1964 baby boomer generation and regardless of age, those who are embittered by the changing times. If we throw down naming’s such as Millennials, Generation Z or Gen Y for years, we now play the offended liverwurst just because we are suddenly thrown into a pot. By the way, this OK, Boomer – one earned swatter! MemeV was triggered by the questionably self-satisfied utterance of an older man. Of course about the alleged dream-dancing younger generation, which was offered by a Gen Z User in with this punchy two-word set Paroli. The full and worldwide attention received OK Boomer then ultimately by the response of the young politician Chloe Swarbrick in the New Zealand Parliament, which responded to constant interjections.


What some may feel as a generalized insult and qualification of our experience, is in my opinion a justified stop sign! Have we leased wisdom as an older generation? I think that is not the case and never was. Should we pay attention, – and listen? Do not immediately accept changes as criticisms of our approach, our social and political decisions? Just because we as Baby Boomers are so many, we do not have the reverse, right?

Nobody wants to kill us.

But maybe we should turn off the megaphone and tip the ears. Have we made sure in vain that our children and grandchildren are so good, qualified and critically trained? And now do we seriously want to admit that young climate activists and committed young people are first of all referred to as truants and lazybones? Can we not take into consideration our considerations presented by younger contemporaries and, first of all, consider them? That’s exactly what the young people are asking us to do.

Of course, they no longer throw notes in the mailbox, but conduct their discussions and comments on the Internet. With a lapidary – alas these creators, these speed makers and self-actors – it is not done. After all, whoever looks carefully and listens in will certainly be taught a lesson. With – without brain’s synonymous – it has absolutely nothing in common. But on the contrary!

We do not have to nod in agreement, we do not have to agree completely, but we should not turn down the invitation to consider a topic together and introduce ourselves without prejudice!


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