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3 Extraordinary Tours For Your Vacation in 2019

Extraordinary Tours
Extraordinary Tours

Round trips are always very special trips. You do not just get to know a single place or a city, but a whole country or a whole area. How the people live there, the culture, the landscape. But the nicest thing about round trips is that you can be spontaneous during the trip, change the route or just stop at a nice stop.

Extraordinary Tours

In this article, I introduce you to three very special tours – two round trips in Europe and one in Asia. Whether waking you up, inspiring your next trip, or making your trip planning a bit easier next year.

·        Nature Magic in Provence Lavender-Provence trip

This particular route meanders across Provence, along the lavender road to the Côte d’Azur. The best travel time for this is mid-July, as you can see the lavender fields in full glory here.

Extraordinary Tours

These stops are a colorful mix of lavender fields, no matter where you look, beautiful little mountain villages, cities with history and culture but also dream beaches, sea and holiday feeling.

If you are interested in this tour, have a look at this post. There you will find more details about each stop and also more information about the lavender flower.

·        Adventure + pure relaxation in Thailand

The second round trip is for those who want to go a little further and have the desire for adventure and dream beaches in a very magical land. With this route through Thailand you will experience both adventure in the jungle of northern Thailand, as well as white, empty dream beaches in front of you or wake up with a view of the sea. Feel like it Then check out this route or this post about Thailand.

·        Cliffs, green expanses and good beer – Ireland round trip

My last tip is a round trip through Ireland. This particular (and, in my opinion, underestimated) land is really perfect because it’s not that big. In a few hours you have crossed the island once from right to left. Once we rounded the island during our tour and visited the most beautiful places in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Ireland has so much to offer and this tour was an incredibly varied journey. Explore cities, sit in pubs, blow the wind on lonely beaches, or forget about everything while standing on top of the cliffs. All details about the round trip can be found in this post.


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