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10 Practical Tips For A Healthy Diet


One can speak of a healthy diet if there is an adequate supply of the body with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other important nutritional components such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

A person’s complete health cannot be achieved without a healthy diet. Your own preferences and habits play a very important role. These must be rethought throughout, but they must not be left out if the diet is successfully changed.

Why Drinking a Lot is Important?

Healthy eating also means drinking enough. But very few consider this. Typical deficiency symptoms are the result here. It is not for nothing that drinks form the basis of a healthy diet. Water is our elixir of life, because it ensures that the body remains fit and healthy.

Water not only regulates the heat balance and thus the body temperature, but also takes on the function of a building material for tissues and organs, solvents and transport agents for metabolic products in the body. Insufficient fluid intake is therefore quickly punished with typical and unpleasant symptoms.

Essential characteristics of a Wholesome and Healthy Diet

1.    Prefer natural and varied foods

Food that is as natural as possible should determine the menu, which is selected depending on the season and region. Varying fruit, vegetables, beverages or types of bread automatically creates variety. However, heavily processed foods should be avoided.

2.    Make sure there is plenty of liquid

Without fluid, the body is unable to work efficiently. It is therefore important to provide him with enough fluids daily, the amount depending on various factors. There is an additional need, for example, in the case of illnesses or intense physical exertion.

3.    Fruit and vegetables are the basis

Fruits and vegetables provide the body with numerous vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The fiber and secondary plant substances contained in it also make an important contribution to maintaining health.

4.    Whole grain products

Cereals and grain products provide the body with the necessary energy for the day. However, only wholegrain products, such as wholemeal bread (wholefood nutrition) ensure adequate nutrient replenishment and keep you full for a long time.

5.    Milk and dairy products also essential for adults every day

Milk and milk products are not only important in childhood. Adults also benefit from the products, since they provide the body with sufficient vitamins from the B group, important proteins and, above all, calcium.

6.    Avoid sweets to a large extent and consume only in moderation.

Sweets do not offer any valuable nutrients. The sugar it contains damages the body in various ways and displaces the effective absorption of essential nutrients.

7.    Avoid stressful meals Eat consciously and in peace

Conscious eating at certain times of the day promotes health in various ways. This is especially important when you are significantly overweight. Reading the newspaper or even watching TV while eating leads to a false perception of the amount of food eaten.

8.    Combine a healthy diet with an active lifestyle

The combination of healthy eating and sport is ideal and helps to prevent typical civilization diseases of today’s affluent society. These include obesity (overweight), diabetes mellitus and many others.

9.    Refrain from consuming animal products more often

Animal products should not be completely removed from the menu, because consumed in moderation, they also provide the body with important, vital nutrients. Not all minerals and trace elements are absorbed as well via plant foods as from animal foods. If you still want to eat vegetarian, you should definitely follow a few rules to prevent deficiency symptoms. The same applies to vegans.

10.  Use and enjoy fat in small amounts only

Fat in moderation. This is the rule here, but it also depends on the type of fat. Hidden and saturated fats for health, which e.g. Sausages or ready meals can be found.


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